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Roasted Coffee

Roasted Coffee
Glory Coffee sources beans from all over the world, providing classic single-origin character and carefully selected blends.

We highly recommend buying whole beans and grinding them as you use them. However, if you do not have access to a grinder, then select the grind according to the kind of coffee-making equipment you will be using, as follows:
Vacuum siphon Plunger/French press Drip/permanent filter
Stovetop Espresso Turkish pot
Note: Grind size is listed coarsest to finest. Single estate coffee subject to availability. Raifnorest Alliance Certified™ content subject to change without notice.
Roasted on/best before:  We label our coffee with the roasting date so you know just how fresh it is.  Like many of our customers, we like to grind for espresso between 5 and 10 days after roasting.  Too fresh, and the coffee will likely be bubbly and unstable.  Too long, and it will taste flat.  It will still be drinkable, but probably not at its best.  It all depends which blend you're using, how you store it, and your personal taste.  We've had coffees that peak within a few days, and some still taste great after a month or more.  So consider our "best before" date a general guideline and take it from there.