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Blended Coffee

Blended Coffee

We source from our international supply network from every producing continent for
 raw coffee to develop our signature blends, well established in Hong Kong's espresso service market.

Our team employs strict quality control and only roasts coffee fresh to order to ensure it is delivered fresh to our customers.

Roasted on/best before:  We label our coffee with the roasting date so you know just how fresh it is.  Like many of our customers, we like to grind for espresso between 5 and 10 days after roasting.  Too fresh, and the coffee will likely be bubbly and unstable.  Too long, and it will taste flat.  It will still be drinkable, but probably not at its best.  It all depends which blend you're using, how you store it, and your personal taste.  We've had coffees that peak within a few days, and some still taste great after a month or more.  So consider our "best before" date a general guideline and take it from there.

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A cherry, nutty, chocolaty blend with the slightest smoky aftertaste. This blend contains Brazilian,..
The body and acidity of Yemeni and Kenyan coffees combine with their winy, floral, pungent and spicy..
A strong, heavy blend with the trademark coffee aftertaste. This blend has hints of caramel and lico..
A smooth, medium-strength, nutty blend, this coffee has a chocolaty finish and contains Brazilian, C..
A rich, dark, strong blend, this blend contains both earthiness and acidity, and is a combination of..
This blend is sweet, earthy and fruity all in one. It is a combination of Brazilian and Sumatran cof..