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Sanremo Espresso Machines

Sanremo espresso machines are made by a young, dynamic company with a great deal of expertise in engineering, manufacturing, technical support and understanding of the end user's needs. We have been importing them direct from Italy since 2009.

The range, quality and detail of the machines are enough to satisfy any commercial application. Zoe features innovative exposed chassis construction, Verona marries espresso machine and chromed hot rod, and Roma is pure industrial design boldness. 

Moreover, Sanremo machines are built with café and competition use in mind, and have been used as the official UK Barista Championship machines since 2009.

Sanremo has quickly established itself in Europe, Australasia and around the world. Now, with industrial cool, unprecedented elegance at price point, and advanced electronic features on the range-topping machines, Sanremo espresso machines are at home in many styles of café and bar in Hong Kong.

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Verona RS, the official espresso machine for HKBC 2016
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